10 Corporate Team Building Activities to Get Back on Track!

As people return to working, company managers are expected to reunite and build better company culture through corporate team building activities. Is your team going back to the office? While corporate team building activities have always been valuable, they are especially so as we transition into the “new normal” upon us.

After a year plus of disruptions, staff changes, and other uncertainties as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders will be looking to Human Resource and Talent Managers to reunite their teams in order to best boost collaboration and productivity.

10 team building activities to help get everyone back on track by reengaging, revitalizing, and reconnecting.

1. Awards

Too often companies charge forward without taking the time to celebrate their team’s success. If nothing else, getting to the other side of this pandemic is something to celebrate! Bestow awards and honors, serious or funny, on your team members as a way to bring people together and acknowledge the challenges we’ve all faced.

2. Movie Showing

This requires low engagement, but still brings everyone together. Book a long lunch on everyone’s calendars, pick a cult classic most people are sure to enjoy and don’t forget the popcorn.

3. Board Games

Ask team members to bring in a favorite game or two and have a few extras handy just in case. Playing board games together is a simple, fun, screen-free way to re-engage with one another and get comfortable being in person once again.

4. Corporate Team Building Workshop

Since everyone is unique and communicates differently, working together as a team can be challenging, especially after a season of disruption and change. Team building workshops such as True Colors, help to facilitate customized team building that helps members understand not only their own strengths and challenges but also those of their teammates.

5. Job Shadow

Often reserved for students or those looking to enter a new field of work, setting up job shadows within a team can help people get a better understanding of the work their colleagues do. This builds team unity and also improves individual performance.

6. Raise Funds for a Charitable Organization

Reaching a meaningful goal together always builds teams. Let members vote on a charitable organization, as well as brainstorm the dollar goal and the means to reach it.

7. Team Building by Volunteering

Teamwork makes the dream work. It’s a no-brainer and a win, win by working together to make a positive impact. The sky is the limit on what nonprofit to volunteer for, so again, let your team have a say in what organization and how they want to contribute to their community.

8. Weekday Ritual