I'm a parent...now what?

Where do I start? What do I do? How do I know? Sound familiar? If you are a parent or have ever thought about how you were raised by your parents, I'm sure you have experienced some of these questions a time or two. Let's face it, parenting doesn't come with a manual. It's quite the opposite, its actually more like on-the-job training and you're the trainer...LOL.

So where do you begin? First and foremost let me for warn you, this is not an article on steps to become "Parent of the Year". Quite contrary, its helpful tips to build resilience while parenting.

What is Parenting Resilience? A parent's ability to "bounce back", adapt, and overcome daily stressors in everyday life related to raising children. Simply put, you are in it to win it. You strive for success and do not easily succumb to life's challenges.

All parents have inner strengths or other resources that serve as a foundation of resiliency when times are hard. Most parents can make it through those times of stress, but everyone needs help from time to time. When parents take care in these stressful times, their children learn a model of coping behavior.

Here are a few tips:

1. Self care is a must. Get regular exercise, listen to your favorite music, meditate or pray.

2. Plan ahead if possible so that resources will be in place when needed―such as temporary child care.

3. Build a small savings to take care of minor repairs. Use family, friends, faith-based communities and other community agencies.

4. Identify what is worries you the most. Seeking professional help or local human services program maybe a option. Sharing with others makes you aware you are not alone.

5. Look for programs that offer family-to-family help and find a mentor willing to listen.

Research links healthy child development to resilient & effective parenting. When parents

provide safe boundaries, affection, good listening skills and consistent rules and

expectations, children thrive. Successful parenting helps children succeed in school,

feel loved, get along with others and have a sense of belonging. Parenting skills must change as children grow and mature. Parents must also be able to adjust to each child’s individual needs and unique circumstances.

Let's be honest, parenting is hard work but can be very rewarding for those who practice Parenting Resilience. Remember, when you fall, "bounce back" and try again........Good Luck!

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