Speak Life? I'm Glad You Asked!

As we witness the turmoil in our country. The COVID pandemic spreads feverishly through our families and loved ones. Discrimination and civil unrest continually divides the races and political parties. The hostile and angry voices among millions of people scream for their voices to be heard. The varied views and relentless rioting pummel our very own ideas of what makes our country free. Isolation and social distancing has become the "new normal" for health and safety reasons for some and breeds fear in others. Hateful words, provoking language, judgemental attitudes, heartless debates, and even complicit silence continue to ignite baseless fears among us. Fear of people who look or think differently, fear of violence, fear of failure, fear of losing, fear of lonliness, fear of death, fear of the unknown...

You may wonder, what does fear actually accomplish? I'm glad you asked.

Fear affects our mental health/emotional health:

  • Dissociation from self.

  • Unable to have loving feelings.

  • Learned helplessness.

  • Phobic anxiety.

  • Mood swings.

  • Obsessive-compulsive thoughts.

Please know all fears are not unhealthy especially those which elicit a normal bodily response to danger. However, considering the current state of our country, fear has caused detrimental division among us all. Therefore, I offer an alternative or intentional choice to Speak Life. What does speaking life accomplish? I'm glad you asked?

  • Strengthens relationships

  • Motivates and Encourages

  • Improves Self- Esteem

  • Enhances Mental Awareness

  • Relieves Stress and Tension

  • Reduces Blood Pressure

Let's Speak Life: Unify, Encourage, Heal, Uplift, Learn, Discover, Grow, Overcome, WIN!!!


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