Stuck in a rut? Get out!

As we continue to navigate through this worldwide pandemic, I am reminded of times during the previous year when I felt a loss of steam, or motivation to get things done. I have often felt like I was stuck in a rut, unable to get out. Unfortunately, lack of motivation and low energy has become the norm for many and has stifled our drive to explore the world. Below are some of the resilience tools that I found myself going back to time and again to pull myself together and achieve a somewhat normal life and increase productivity.

Create rituals or routines. Rituals or routines can help to manage and conserve precious physical, mental, and emotional energy to apply against problems that can arise. Incrementally subduing chaos in our lives through the practice of rituals not only increases order and reduces inefficiency, but the practice of rituals lends to feelings of calm, selfmastery, and energy to try new things.

Reduce clutter. Get rid of old stuff and the hoarding if random things. Donate or throw away stuff you do not use or want, this not only creates needed space but can also reduce anxiety for clearer thinking, leaving you to focus on more important things in life.

“Do not sweat the small stuff”. If you want to have energy left over to give to things that you value, you must learn to let go of things that zap your energy and provide little or no value. Start by refusing to be lured into useless arguments. The energy you willingly waste on seeking out and responding to antagonism is lost forever and cannot be used toward something of greater value. Likewise, you can learn to stop wasting your energy on outcomes you cannot control – like how people drive in traffic. Learning to not sweat the small stuff is key to maintaining resilience and staying on track with goals.

While practicing rituals, reducing clutter, and

learning to let go of trivial things will certainly require energy from you up front, these costs are more than made up for in energy saved that can be used on pursuits that add greater meaning and purpose to your life.

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