What Color Are You?

I know you may be thinking, how dare you ask such a insensitive, emotionally charged, perhaps offensive question like this, especially given the state of the world in which we live in today. Huh? Well before you assume this article is related to race, let me ease your mind, please read on....

Have you ever become frustrated with not being understood or do you become perplexed with understanding others? If the answer is Yes, please read on...


You may have heard the saying, "You are really showing your True Colors? Well this is reminiscent of people who may appear to interact with some people in a different light than when they interact with others depending on the nature of their relationship. Theorists deem this as a natural human behavioral response and "True Colors" is a interactive method to explore human behavior in a fun-filled way!

True Colors is a model for understanding yourself and others based on your personality temperament. The colors of Orange, Gold, Green, and Blue are used to differentiate the four central True Colors® personality styles. Each of us has a combination of four True Colors that make up our personality spectrum, usually with one of the styles being the most dominant. By identifying your personality (and the personalities of others), True Colors provides insights into different motivations, actions, and communication approaches. The core of the system identifies intrinsic values, motivations, self-esteem, sources of dignity and worthiness, causes of stress, communication styles, listening styles, non-verbal responses, language patterns, social skills, learning styles, environmental motivators, cultural appeal, negative mental states, relationship orientation and ethical behaviors.

Hence, by understanding each individual’s personality type, people can improve communication through the recognition of a person’s true character, transforming True Colors into an uncomplicated language for every individual to convey complex ideas very simply.

Why True Colors works? Because it is based on true principles and easy to remember and use – in all kinds of circumstances – from personal relationships to professional success.

Now that I've given you the background, would you like to explore? As a certified True Colors facilitator, I invite you to visit, https://truecolorsintl.com for more information and skillz4life2020.com or skillz4life2020@gmail.com to schedule an individual consultation for personal use or company team building and training. Virtual options available.


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