Who are you?

Updated: Jun 16

Have you ever wondered how to answer this question? If so, you are not alone. This has been a age old question since the beginning of time. Greek philosopher Aristotle once said "Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom"

Although, many of us contemplate ways to answer this question, we either think of what we DO rather than WHO we are. We may even tie what we do to our own sense of self worth. The problem with this however, can encourage some to have an overinflated ego OR lead others to self loathing and a low self-esteem. Whichever the case, its apparent these views aren't at all an entire picture of WHO you really are.

How do you truly answer this question? May I suggest True Colors, an interesting and interactive way to understand your individual personality type and those around you. True Colors highlight 4 primary personality types: Orange, Gold, Green, & Blue. It also provides several characteristic traits which is indicative of WHO you are.

True Colors Personality Spectrum

ORANGE (Spontaneous, Energetic, Charming)

GREEN (Intuitive, Analytical, Visionary )

BLUE (Cooperative, Compassionate, Empathy)

GOLD (Punctual, Organized, Precise)

Discover WHO you are and how to effectively communicate with others around you! Visit www.truecolorsintl.com for more information and contact us today for scheduling. Individual/group sessions and Virtual options available. Visit www.skillz4life2020.com or Skillz4Life2020@gmail.com